- Practicing studio with piano

The practicing studio option guarantees the availability of a piano practice room.

With a maximum of 2 students per room, the practicing studio studio is nominally assigned, giving you the opportunity to practice at least 5 hours per day.

For trainees without options, the practice rooms are accessible depending on availability.

- Piano accompaniment

The workshop is conducted by Philippe Birosfor piano students who wish to be introduced to accompanying tools or deepen their knowledge. Sight-reading, transposition and accompaniment approach in group work will be covered in order to be able to guide, listen and quickly apprehend a new score. 

- Piano-Lied 

This workshop is designed by Philippe Biros for pianists, singers and piano-voice duos. The course will cover technical performance with constant link to the understanding of the text. Students will deepen their rendition, phrasing, diction, musical colours, voici-piano articulation, stage presence...

- Sight-reading

Workshop conducted by Nicolas Jortie. The workshop covers voice and instrument accompaniment, musical score sight-reading through practice exercises and various simulations. Harmonisation and transposition work can also be studied. 

- Keyboard harmonisation

Workshop conducted by Nicolas Jortie. This module helps to deepen conscious listening through a method mixing introduction to basso continuo, improvisation approach, work on baroque "standards", on transposition, didactic work...

l'écoute intérieure 

- Improvisation 

Workshop conducted by Nicolas Jortie. Divided in small groups based on level, the workshop offers a framework to express a musical and collective language. It is open to all who wish to partake in this equally fun and serious discipline.


- Competition training

Prepare a deadline, break a program, get used to the stage conditions, have the opinion of external professional ears: the competition training option allows you to perform on the stage of the auditorium of the conservatoire in front of a "mock panel" of teachers from Academies. A time of exchange then allows you to have a feedback on your performance and advices.

- Video training

A piano room and video recording equipment are available for you to produce a video to attach to an application, have a work support or just a trace of your play.

The option can be held in once or several times for the equivalent of 1h30 (once 1h30 or 3 times 30 min or 1h + 30 min).

The SD card is to be provided by the student so that he/she can keep the recording medium.

- 2 hours supp. with optional teacher

2 hours of extra lessons with your teacher or any other academies teacher.

- 4 hours supp. with optional teacher

4 hours of additional lessons with your teacher or any other academies teacher.

- extra hour with accompanying pianist

Non-pianist students benefit in their application of 1h30 of rehearsal with an accomanying pianist. This time can be divided into several sessions during or outside class.

The extra hour with attendant option allows you to enjoy more rehearsal time.

To complete the instrument lessons, the options allow you to make your course even more comfortable, expand your musical horizons or develop other skills ...




- Practicing studio with piano - 100 €

- Harmonization - 140 € (initiation) / 395 € (intensive)

- Sight-reading- 140 € (initiation) / 395 € (intensive)

- Improvisation - 140 € (initiation) / 395 € (intensive)

- Piano accompaniement - 140 € (initiation) / 395 € (intensive)

- Piano-lied- 140 € (initiation) / 395 € (intensif)

- Competition training - 40 

- Video training - 40 €

- 2 extra hours with optional teacher - 210 €

- 4 extra hours with  optional teacher - 380 €

- extra hour with accompanying pianist - 30 €